Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pictures at School and Posting Online

Technological advancements bring great opportunities. They also bring additional responsibilities. Our curriculum for Computer's Class and Life Skills specifically address Cyber Bullying, Electronic Harassment, and Posting of Pictures. Character Ed, including assembly presentations help students to clearly see the line between appropriate and inappropriate use of technology.

It is vital that parents, teachers, students, and the community work together to be vigilant and help maintain a positive environment for our kids in the physical and cyber worlds.

As a rule, students are not allowed to take pictures in school on the vast majority of days during the vast majority of activities. Often pictures of friends include others who do not want their photo take. It is also important that images taken by students in school are not posted on internet sites - especially networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. If we become aware of any of these types of images, it is imperative we do what we can to have them removed. We owe that to the privacy of ALL students.

Parents can help by checking in on their child's networking site. My wife and I have a repeating event on our Google Calendar to remind us to check our son's Facebook site. Other strategies will work better for other families. Anyone wanting to brainstorm ideas is welcome to contact me to discuss options.

Through vigilance and awareness, our children can stay safe while using technology as advanced tools to help them flourish.

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