Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not quite yet ...

No Time for Counting Down…

I don't usually do countdowns.  Life is too short to be wishing away today waiting
for tomorrow.  However, it is human nature to look forward to certain events, opportunities,
or times of the year.

Recently, I have begun hearing whispers on the breeze.  Perhaps a student smiling and telling me only this many days to go.  A parent casually stating x number weeks left.  A teacher commenting on how quickly the year is flying by.  My son at home making plans for a sports camp the first week off of school.  Countdown time?  No way!

We are fortunate at G-K schools to have been working diligently and continuously on mapping effective, standards base curriculum for all classes - for the entire year.  Skills taught and refined in the latter months of the school year are vital for student learning and preparation for what lies ahead this year and next.

All that work continues into June and beyond.

When the time comes, we will wish all our families a happy and safe summer.  But, not now.  Too much important learning to do and great experiences for kids to have here at GKMS! 

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